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That's strange of you to say in particular Daizen, if you throw an Eng into a destroyer-type 'scort like the Batman boat you're basically getting the same result as a Taxcelsior.
An escort's main purpose is to deal damage, an engineer increases the amount of time it can do that under focused fire.

A fed cruisers main purpose is to heal, which a tac will not improve one bit.

Also at the end of the day Cruisers need engineers in them to not make them a liability. I know I rub my hands when I see tac!cruiser on the otherteam, since they tend to pop easier then tac!escorts(well bugs anyway), especially when you stick a tractor beam on them.

Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
singles, DEM3, and 2 AtB with tech doffs and they will indeed be DPS cruisers. excelsior mostly, the regent cant pull it off as well.
I've used that for a while. While the damage is pretty awesome, the problem I've found is that it kills a lot of my aux healing. Also I tend to get easily hounded by escorts. While my escort could take care of one then move onto the other, my cruiser takes far longer to deal with one, with not much difference in tanking ability to my escort.
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