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11-26-2012, 08:34 PM
My top 5:

5) Everyone on ENT. Good lord the writing on that show was awful. As much as I like the actors themselves, that show was hardly a showcase of their talents.

4) Kess. Any character that is essentially written specifically to die, with no suspense at all, just screams bad writing. I mean, the Ocampan lifespan is mentioned in the very first episode, so its clear as soon as she is introduced that she is going to die if the series lasts long at all; it does, and she does. No intrigue whatsoever, and no value placed on the character's life. Adding her 'abilities' just made it worse.

3) Wesley Crusher. *shudder* The Golden Child, the Token Kid, the most annoying, stereotypical character I ever thought I'd see in any series...

2) Chakotay. ...until this guy. Native American culture may be underappreciated, but there is no way in hell that any writer could make a deeply spiritual Native American Maquis seem realistic. This is a universe in which Humans have learned pretty much everything there is to learn about each other (hence the whole exploring for new people to learn about thing...) and you're trying to convince me that Native Americans are *still* mysterious and "different," even in the 24th century? Gene Roddenberry would not approve.

1) Troi. I remember an interview Jonathan Frakes and Patrick Stewart did together, where they were talking about nicknames for cast members' characters. Troi was "the one who feels ****." That pretty much sums her up. I'm feeling plenty of **** just thinking about her...