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Starting from the most recent...

JJ Trek: Kirk. Pine tried his best, but he just came across like a moody kid. The rest were too development thin to get a feel for. McCoy was gold.

ENT: Any crew member that wasn't Phlox or Archer. They were all some combination of boring and derivative. Even the dog.

Shran, on the other hand, was gold. I'd have loved to have seen him replace T'Boobs.

Voy: Kes and Torres. Seven had some decent episodes around her, but the other supporting female characters were just there for the menfolks to obsess over. It's a common problem throughout all of Trek. I didn't like Chakotay until I found out that Beltran was half-assing it as a way to get back at the writers.

DS9: Jadzia, Martok, Gowron. Too smug, and two cartoons.

TNG: Troi, Guinan, Crusher, Lwaxana. More characters there to either be obsessed over by the menfolks or to provide boobs to look at in the background.

TOS: No one. The show was perfection. The sun source of all that came after it.


Okay, maybe the space hippies.
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