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11-26-2012, 07:54 PM
Originally Posted by reginamala78 View Post
I don't think he's asking for them for free or anything, just for turrets that draw of Aux power instead of Weapons power, so as to match up to the Vesta's Aux DHCs.
So we would have a all Aux ship? How about NO!

When the Vesta stats come out on the blog I was one of the people that pointed out the problems with the Aux DHCs , it seems those argument had some weight as they were restricted to the Vesta.

This is asking the issue that is limited to the Vesta would now run rampart, the creation of a all Aux ship is contrary to how ships are balanced over the power levels and how the Vesta is keep in check by not having enough power.

Its already pushing the Vesta can mount DHCs being the 3rd Non-Escort that is able to do so (the others being the Galaxy-X and the Atrox) but also that it can mount a special DHC that draws power from Aux but now being a ship that could simply IGNORE Weapons power level?

You want to fly a escort, go fly a escort ... the Vesta is a science ship and what you want is not "synergies" but rather A OVERPOWERED SHIP!