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# 1 Fleet B'rel
11-26-2012, 09:08 PM
First off, the last thing the KDF needs is another gimmicky fleet BoP. We already have the Ning'tao, which specializes in exploding on command.

Second, the Eng console... BoPs are science/tac oriented, they don't have the hull to properly utilize an extra ENG console. That eng console is effectively about another .5 seconds before you blow up with only 24k hull. People are just going to use it as a universal slot, it's a really terrible design decision.

We have serious needs and wants, we need an agressive 5 tac console escort. We need a escort with a LtCmdr Sci, We want a fleet Kar'fi. We could probably do with even another sci platform on top of the new fleet varanus We do not need another version poorly improved version of the gimmicky B'rel.

This is why you don't make money off the KDF. Give us ships we actually want and we'll buy them, I promise.

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