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11-26-2012, 09:12 PM
My final word....
The foundry is BROKEN, 2 out of every 3 eligible missions are broken. I have not yet seen a working, truly 15 minute mission that is eligible for IOR.

The fleet mark system has to be replaced or completely revamped. I understand that we shouldn't be striving to complete 3 fleet projects a day, but my fleet is struggling now to complete one larger project in a week(at that rate we'll be at tier 4 in 2014). And about fleet size being modeled around approximately 25 members; PWE's statistical model must have been way off. Our fleet, while I still consider it small to mid size, has considerably more members; not all active all the time but still, partially to fully active, almost double that 25 number. There is no way Cryptic/PWE did their number projections accurately- considering current season 7 fleet mark availability, it would take a 25 member fleet, grinding non-stop, years to get through the tier system.

Finally, I LOVE Star Trek, TNG got me through my 1st two years of college. I WANT this game to succeed and be the absolute best it can be. Having said that, I do not like the direction I see the devs and PWE/Cryptic taking this. Yes it's an MMORG, and I understand the MMORG "template" is engrained in most of the devs way of thinking. But MMORG grinding tactics do not always work hand in hand with Star Trek cannon and universe; as a matter of fact, in some instances they are diametrically opposed. And a half baked, bug filled grindfest should never replace genuine new and fresh content(which is, in my opinion, what is occurring in season 7). Lastly, this obvious "anything for money" approach by PWE that has become the prevalent paradigm is just heartbreaking. Look, make a well thought out Star Trek Universe, with constantly added episodes and fresh content and there is no need for these repetitive, unoriginal, boring, tedious grinding "content". It's really that simple. They had it , apparently, in the beginning but somehow got lost along the way.