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11-26-2012, 08:30 PM
Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
hmmm...Roach likes the Stats, which makes this more and more interesting, I guess I'll have to do some rolling on Tribble for a while...
So what if he likes the stats?

You are talking about the B'rel here, a ship that cannot funtion outside being a torpedo boat so what are you using for a 4th Eng console?

Are you going Monotanium/Diburnium/Electroceramic/Parametallic since its its ONLY use, you dont need anything on Eng on a BoP because its not a cruiser, its quick hit-and-run ship and the B'rel is even worst because it have not much hull, running with those consoles means you just brought yourself maybe 2-4 more seconds.

Now look at Tactical ... more Torpedo damage, now look at Science ... more Science or Shields that are nice.

There is nothing interesting about it unless its a dump slot for Universals.