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Fun is:

at the end of a Cap&Hold or Arena, everyone on both sides is willing to say "Good Game", win or lose.

Being underestimated because you're not just in a "Free ship"-but one two tiers lower on the tech scale, and getting that difficult kill after he's wasted half your team. (Cap&Hold, Arena)

making it expensive to spawncamp Ker'rat because people who do that just beg for a tricobalt enema.

feeding some STF Hero his words when you complete CSE ("HIS EVENT") in a Ki'Tang (BoP, Captain rank), with Optional, in spite of being in what he's calling a "JOke build">

Hive Onslaught with the same four buddies you just did Capture and Hold with-doing it on elite, getting all the optionals, then reading how it's "Too Hard" for these STF-Heroes in their expensive pay-ships with pay-consoles and purchased advantages...

Hanging out with your friends on DS9, or the Fleet Starbase, or anywhere (except Drozana), bs'ing and just unwinding and reestablishing those things that MAKE you friends.

Being silly on the Colony invasion map with your friends after you get the optional, including jumping into the water tank and posing for pics.(there ARE some things I miss from that fleet-but this part died before S7 kicked off.)

It's fun to ACTUALLY be able to HELP SOMEONE ELSE OUT. to discover that you 'know a sekrit' that will make their game play more enjoyable, and they actually want to hear it, to be able to say "Yah, I"ll drop into NWS with you!" or "Cap&Hold? I'm there!" and actually be welcomed because they WANT YOU THERE.

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