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Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
You're playing Star Trek Online? (Okay, that was cheap and unnecessary. real advice to follow..)

First, send a bug report by clicking the "?" tab on your mini-map and follow directions to post a NEW bug report.

Make sure you describe EXACTLY what's happening to you. use small words and lots of them.

hit 'send'...

Okay, now that you've got a 'ticket number" (write it down, you may want to use it in your next correspondence to customer support...)

Log Out.


Wait ten minutes, then log back in.

This is step-by-step what finally worked for me when that bug was kicking my ass yesterday.
I just left the mission (return to ship) and chose "continue...".
You may have problems with finishing the DS9 part (when you board your ship to fight the JH in space).
Just rts and continue, again.
I do NOT want to use ARC to play STO

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