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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
So what if he likes the stats?

You are talking about the B'rel here, a ship that cannot funtion outside being a torpedo boat so what are you using for a 4th Eng console?

Are you going Monotanium/Diburnium/Electroceramic/Parametallic since its its ONLY use, you dont need anything on Eng on a BoP because its not a cruiser, its quick hit-and-run ship and the B'rel is even worst because it have not much hull, running with those consoles means you just brought yourself maybe 2-4 more seconds.

Now look at Tactical ... more Torpedo damage, now look at Science ... more Science or Shields that are nice.

There is nothing interesting about it unless its a dump slot for Universals.
You're going to laugh very, much.

I don't have any "Universals" to put in there. No P2W consoles whatsoever.

Like I said, I'm going to have a look for myself, instead of relying on theoretical "Experts" whom likely don't fly BoPs to begin with, or did so so far in the distant past that all their knowledge to date is theoretical only.

Please note?

Normal Ride's a Fleet Norgh...yeah, the one with less hull than a runabout.

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