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Originally Posted by cliftona91 View Post
That same 4th engineering console could be used for:

SIF Generator: to help repair your ass while you GTFO and cloak up

Bam! Another use for that 4th Engineering Console.

And also, the B'rel can used Bridge officer and Captain abilities that can't be used under just some normal Battle Cloak. So you could raise up the ships damage resistance even more with Hazard Emitters, Auxiliary to Structural Integrity, and other abilities.

And why you all ******** about this in the first place? We finally have Fleet ships that you can potentially have a discount on, both have been asked for since Season Six, and now that Cryptic has given them to you, you want to ***** about it?

Mick Jagger is right: "You can't get no satisfaction"
A SIF generator. Are you kidding me?

Cause it's terrible. It takes a gimmicky ship and makes it even more gimmicky, and it doesn't even improve it's functionality because it gives it a retardo extra console. I don't give a damn about discounts, i want a decent ship that I might actually buy.

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