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Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
You do understand that the more weapons that you have that draw from aux the more your aux power will drop while firing them correct?
And do you understand the more Aux level you have, the more damage they will do?
I am sure you do otherwise you would not be asking for this.

I dont feel like doing a lesson so if you want to fly a Escort with all DHCs and turrets please do, asking for the Vesta to be a ship that can downright ignore weapon power and retain its offensive firepower is ignoring ship balance and if you are going to tell me "but Escorts and Cruisers can ignore Aux" I will say, yes. ... they can to a degree because they are unable to use abilities that use Aux, Science ships on the other hand CAN and its a simple matter of using a Battery when GW or TR comes out of cooldown and lose NOTHING.

If anyone here cannot see how BROKEN is a Vesta filled with Aux DHCs and Aux Turrets that uses SC right after GW III and TF II ... well ... what other ship allow you to use AoE hold, damage and drain powers and on top can use a AoE attack power that is drained from ONE source?