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11-26-2012, 09:18 PM
Enterprise has by far the worst characters. T'its wasn't bad per-say, she was written as a ?$&%^!@* and pulled it off a little too well. That, and she was... well... a walking pair of ****. Not that the men faired much better. Seriously. Watch the decontamination chamber scene from Broken Bow and tell me with a strait face that didn't feel like the opening to a porno. Go ahead and try. I dare you.

This show also wins the award for having the dumbest Enterprise.

In my opinion Neelix is the guy you're glad you're friends with, but you would never under any circumstances introduce him to your other friends. At least he was capable of some sort of competence. Janeway on the other hand.... how did she become a captain? Seriously, how? I swear she is good at everything BUT being a captain. Harry Kim was a bad combination of Sulu and LaForge with the awesome of neither. The writers never gave him the Character Development they should have.

Kes was a bad idea. Her character, how she was introduced, how she was removed... just.. bad...

Dr. Pulaski was bad, Troi was annoying for a while, but she had her moments of awesome. Wesley Crusher was the worst for a long time, but even he has been surpassed by the worst, most god awful, bad, terrible, horrible no good Star Trek character of ALL TIME.

JJTrek Uhura.

I cannot stand JJTrek Uhura. There is nothing good about JJTrek Uhura. Sure the actress is good looking, but nothing, nothing can redeem JJTrek Uhura in my eyes.

Real Uhura was elegant, ladylike and attractive. She teased Spock for fun, she liked cute things, she was competent and capable, but screwed up, failed, and had her limits. She felt like a real person.

JJTrek Uhura is a bossy sarcastic brat. She seems unbelievably competent, she looks more like a Star Trek themed hooker than a Star Trek character, the whole relationship with Spock is silly, nothing about her is sympathetic or redeeming. Say what you will Wesley Crusher, but at least he was an original character. They took the real Uhura and butchered her into the all the bad parts of Wesley and T'its. Her entire being feels manufactured for the explosion and boob fueled generation.

Real Uhura was someone to look up too. JJTrek Uhura is someone you ask "Cash or Credit?"