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Speaking of "feel" - were any tests done to see how it played out on the KDF side with the Medic instead of the Nurse? I say this - because I think the majority of the people that pointed at me and laughed whenever I posted a build with SubRep or crew modules to keep the crew alive, etc - were mainly KDF.

So in talking about the "feel" of things - I really don't "feel" like it's working on the KDF side the same way it's working on the Fed side. I could be totally off there, like I said - it's just the way it "feels" like it is not working the same.

EFF. BFM, & Nurse vs. EFF, BFM, & Medic... w/ or w/o SubRep - just does not "feel" the same.

Most of my "experience" with that on different ships on both sides admittedly comes from PvE (I've got a reroll addiction, man - it's bad) - but the passive hull healing on the Fed side is noticeable compared to the passive hull healing on the KDF side... because the Fed crew's almost always near 100% while the KDF crew's almost never above 75% (usually closer to 40-60%).

But it's just a "feeling" - could be something else going on that I'm totally missing...

edit: Course, I could have just looked at the crew recovery rate on the ship while in combat to see that it does not appear to be working...meh.

edit2: I'm an idiot - sort of. I forgot that I run better quality Nurses than Medics. Medics are damn expensive compared to Nurses.

edit3: Still though - the Fed's showing 6.8% recovery in combat while the KDF's showing 10.1% recovery. The Fed rarely if ever drops below 80%+ (outside of Theta...meh) while the KDF's almost never above 20-40%. I rarely have to do a hull heal on my Fed while I'm always topping off the KDF. In extended fights it makes a difference - whether I use that heal for me or somebody else...and just outright survivability.
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