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11-27-2012, 12:36 AM
Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
You're playing Star Trek Online? (Okay, that was cheap and unnecessary. real advice to follow..)

First, send a bug report by clicking the "?" tab on your mini-map and follow directions to post a NEW bug report.

Make sure you describe EXACTLY what's happening to you. use small words and lots of them.

hit 'send'...

Okay, now that you've got a 'ticket number" (write it down, you may want to use it in your next correspondence to customer support...)

Log Out.


Wait ten minutes, then log back in.

This is step-by-step what finally worked for me when that bug was kicking my ass yesterday.
Thanks for the tipp. I had a lot of problems with the DS9 Quests -.-

What also helps is to play the quests with a friend in a group. Often you can log out and log in to bypass the bug without losing your progression.