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11-27-2012, 01:03 AM
Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post

a)5 Feds in Cruisers and Escorts, with a Tac in a Vesta

b)your fed, another in a sci/sci build, and three Klinks

c)Three FEds, two Klinks

d) 5 KDF

who do you think is going to have the best chance of NOT BLOWING THE MISSION?
That's bull****. I will always trade 2 Klings for 1 Fed in EST's. Either you have an ******* in a Shuttle or a noob in his paper thin BoP who is a) always in respawn or b) disengaging from combat because he doesn't want to respawn. Even better are the Carrier -.- No damage but at least they don't dye Only exception are the gurambas :-) When piloted by a good Klingon (the rares ones) , they are really a plus in ISE :-)

I made a Klingon with Space Traits only for PvP ... And from my experience there more Klings AFK'ers in Capture and Hold than feds. And when I'm playing Fed in PVP ... yeah for Klings who can only do Brel cloak runs with tricobalts -.- After 3 days I stopped PVP.

But Klings are nice to get contraband :-) And I like my Mirror Raptor better than my Advanced Escort :-)

A more important improvement for Klings would be more customization options for the ships than one more stupid little console. 5 Consoles don't change anything for PVE and AFK'ers in PVP don't need Consoles .