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11-27-2012, 02:09 AM
I don't dislike any of the characters from TOS, but we never really learned all that much about them during the show. We learned most of what we know about Kirk, Spock and McCoy from the movies, which I think was more about how the show was written, it was about the adventure more than the characters.

TNG: Troi annoyed me during the moments when she was being 'mentally assaulted', but Wes just annoyed me with his presence. It seems his character was written as a 'Leave it to Beaver' teenager and was never really believable.

VOY: For me it was 7of9. While she was nice to look at, it never escaped me that that was the only reason she was on the show. Ok sure, she's a former borg and she can help us with technologies and such, but her purpose was really just to look good in glittery spandex.

DS9: I would say Kira, but I can understand why her character was as stand-offish as she was given what she went through during the Occupation.

ENT: I was never a huge fan of Archer. To me his leadership didn't show through as often as with the other captains. I struggle to think of a moment for him, where I could compare his leadership to a Kirk or Picard, someone who you knew was in charge.

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