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Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
Armitages seem to be pretty popular as engineer captain ships - a bit more survivability (in a pug at least) goes well with carrier pets that vanish once you are taken out.

In general, I feel that engineers might be salvageable if the scale of their abilities was increased - more energy bonus from EPS Power Transfer, more self-heal from Miracle Worker, more drain resistance (or maybe even total immunity?) from Nadion Inversion, more shield heal from Rotate Shield Frequency, and more bonuses from Engineering Fleet.
EPS gives plenty of energy already.

Miracle worker is nothing more than an oh-**** button.
It should be the current amount of heal to self, and half that amount healed on all team mates.

More drain resistance, sure why not. Seams like a good way to give Engineer some energy only damage ability, not directly but affecting the ships systems, seams Engineer like to me.

Rotate isn't ment as a heal really, it's a resistance buff for the most part.
Again making it useable on self and ally would make the ability much better.

More bonus from Engineering Fleet, sure why not.
It seams to be the weakest of the bunch at the moment.

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