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Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
Your problem is, "Decent Ship" is a pure matter of Definition and is highly influenced by (surprise) what you prefer to fly NOW.

For instance, I find Raptors and Cruisers to be pretty much too annoying to ever use-even specced for turn, it takes them too long to bring nose-to-bear and accelleration tends to be on the 'suck side', (aka yelling "Send men out to PUSH!!!")

From MY perspective, the Hegh'ta is a decent ship, the Fleet Norgh is a Decent Ship, hell, even the stock "Ki'Tang" is a decent ship.

But Raptors? Garbage. Half-ass Cruisers pretending to be more useful than they really are. The 1000 day ship for KdF: is a Raptor with a Uni console and Battlecloak.

Cruisers now?

The Tor'Khat might be okay...for a cruiser, which is to say, a fat raptor with the same defects plus some extra slots.

Vor'cha? Send those boys out to push on the NOSE! she's stuck again.

Bortasque-just...give up. driving this is like driving a city bus with flat tyres and bad brakes. Half an hour of playing with this POS and I was ready to log off using a hammer.

Now that we've established some perspective from THIS side of the screen...

The stats on the Fleet B'Rel give it more hull than a Hegh'ta. (this would be a plus)
More consoles too. (Likewise a plus, if you can't figure out what to use there, you don't kinow your game mechanics as well as you think you do.)

better turn rate? check
Same weapons slots?" Check
Improved BC? gimmicky, but not the end-all of the design.

based on the B'rel Retrofit (which I got thanks to being a lifer-natch!) it's got a better shield multiplier than any other BoP, better hull, better mass/turn ratio and average to good Boff positions.

to ME, that's pretty decent. To a guy whose standard is "Stand and Deliver in a cruiser and/or carrier" it's probably not.

It's ALL about Perspective, man...

I came off like the B'rel is a bad ship. That was a mistake, of course it's not,, its a solid PvP ship. I'm just really dislike that we arent filling actual holes in our lineup when given the chance. For instance, I agree that raptors are terrible, that's why we need a fleet ship to step up and fill the hole that our glut of mediocre raptors currently reside in. Turning one of our Naussican destroyers into a fleet ship and giving it an aggressive layout would have been a good move. Right now we have to turn to lock box ships like the Jem'hadar and temporal destroyer.

I understand why there are certain PvP players that might really dig this ship. Having said that, the B'rel is largely used as a gimmick torpedo ship to make Feds rage in Kerrat. If you fit a B'rel in a method thats more standard for a BoP, your only getting minor side grades to BoPs that already exist and fill those niches. The KDF has some huge holes in its ship lineup, this is not a ship we need.

Plus, BoPs just aren't great PvE ships, and like it or not this is primarily a PvE game. How many people are going to actually spend the money on this PvP oriented ship? I can't even get a queue to pop most nights. If you want to generate large scale interest so people get excited and are willing to spend money, you need to put in a ship that also appeals to PvEers. Something like an fleet Garamba or a Karfi would do that.

But if we are going to add this ship to the lineup, at least do it the right way. Give it a sci console so that someone might actually use something other than a universal in that slot, I can understand why it might not warrant a tac console (because its gimmicky nature would probably make it OP). The extra eng console will be used for a universal. Sure, you could put other stuff in there and see minor gains, but it won't be enough to sway people from using it as a universal on a BoP. At best, someone might use a tachoykentic, which is still a universal with an eng turn console built in.

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