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11-27-2012, 01:36 AM
Originally Posted by robertcrayven View Post
You can't call 'working as intended' on this one, otowi. The game went from running smooth as silk at medium high settings on my integrated chipset to OMFG HANG HANG BLACK SCREEN CRASH DUMP LOCK literally overnight. EVEN WHEN RUNNING THE GAME IN SAFE MODE.

Season 7 has borked something majorly. Hopefully the devs will pay attention to this thread, as it is literally game-crippling.
I'm not saying "working as intended". I was just pointing out that the Intel integrated cards are not really meant for heavy gameing wich requires a lot of graphics power. (Doom III, Battlefield III and so on)

And yes even those with dedicated mobile graphics cards are having problems, I know that.

I know STO works fine with the various mobile graphics cards, included the Intel type. Heck my laptop has an Intel card, and STO works pretty good with it, but when I switch to the dedicated ATI mobility card, the game runs so much smoother.

My guess is that something changed in S7 graphics code or the way the game renders. And since it affects all kinds of dedicated and integrated graphics cards, this is something Cryptic needs to investigate.

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