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Originally Posted by shookyang View Post
Universal consoles does not mean P2W consoles. There are plenty of consoles you can buy from the exchange, mission rewards, or from the reputation store.

For instance, you could buy cross faction consoles from the exchange. Assimilated Module, as far as I can tell, can still be earned from Assimilated, or can be bought from the Omega store. Zero-Point Energy Conduit can also be bought from the Romulan reputation store.
At some point I may get bored enough to try New Romulus again...ah, who am I kidding now? No way in hell that's going to happen, I tried it out on Tribble, found it to be deeply and thoroughly uninteresting. Nagus Dailies were more fun and had better content. (and, at very least, possessed less of an obvious and frankly insulting "your faction, it's history, even in the game-totally irrelevant" feeling.)

Thus, I probably will NOT be grinding for Romulan