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11-27-2012, 03:06 AM
TOS: Original Crew was good, but there were lots of characters who really were just ridiculous in many episodes. Too many to count, actually.

TNG: Deanna Troi. Most episodes around her were just boring and annoying imo. She had her moments though. And i always hated her mother, but there were a lot of funny moments. Alone Picard's face when her name was mentioned or, even worse, she suddenly appeared. LOL!

TNG: Admiral Nacheyev or however she's called. Just totally annoying, same goes for Captain Jellico. Someone here already mentioned both of them, thanks for that. Or rather not. Lol.

DS9: Keiko O'Brien, and Sisko's GF, the female freighter captain. Good that i forgot her name. In german, she also has a really annoying voice. ;D

I want to say that i really disliked Kai Winn at first, but in the meanwhile i see just how great, really great the actress was doing her job. Kudos to that. And at least, her character was really interesting in the later episodes. Oh and BTW, she's got an Oscar for her role in "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest", PLUS two Emmy Awards for guest roles in two later TV shows.

Voy: That must be Kes. Yeah, at first i liked her but hands down, her character was totally superficial and really needless to have. Actually she was playing her role good but it was the role itself that just sucked... so i was glad when she left the show and 7 of 9 was introduced. Great episodes around 7 of 9, and great dialogues too.

Ent: Malcolm, Trip, Hoshi, T'Pol. Even Archer's dog was a more interesting character and at least he wasn't annoying.

BTW, i always hated how Sisko turned around, showing his back to the camera in almost every dialogue.

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