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It's long been known that of the three captain types, Engineering has the worst set of powers, largely because none of them really stack up compared to tac or sci powers. Don't get me wrong, as an engineering captain I couldn't live without miracle worker... but the rest of my powers?

ehhh.... I barely notice them.

Well Cryptic has at least shown that they're willing to do some passes on content that needs improvement, so I'd definitely like to see them do a pass on engineering abilities.

With that in mind, I thought I'd make at least one suggestion on some improvements they could make.

1. Miracle worker should be like, an anti-subnuc as far as powers go. It should clear *all* debuffs in addition to hits heal.

2. Nadion Inversion, as is, is largely useless. It'd be nice to see it, idk, work like RSP with regard to energy drain, and actually reverse drains.

3... idk, some improvement to engineering fleet maybe.