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11-27-2012, 04:04 AM
Do you mena boff layout? Cos your boffs do stay the same for that ship. My sovereign is set up for tanking skills, while my defiant is all about cannon powers. They have a different boff layout that is always set up so when i take the ship out, it is isntantly ready for combat (although a bug has meant my crew keeps running off whenever I switch ships).

As for ground crew, you can. I have some boffs set up for general missions, but I also have 4 who are part of my Tactical Response Team. The TRT has different uniforms and have heavy weapons, set up for those missions where you know you need maximum firepower. You can buy extra boff slots from the c store, i think it's 250 zen for 2, and get up to about 50 odd. So you can basically do what you are asking.

Unless I misunderstood you.

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