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11-27-2012, 03:42 AM
Originally Posted by unangbangkay View Post
Based on what I've read of your "thpught", you're asking for one of the following:

- For ships to gain experience/levels regardless of the bridge crew/duty officers equipped
- For bridge officer assignments to be permanent, requiring the hiring/training of new Boffs whenever a player changes ships or gets a new ship
- For crew to become a finite resource that gets used up and must be replaced, rather than the combat statistic that it is now

None of these ideas are good ones because:

- There would be no good reason to change builds.
- There are already enough complaint threads about changing race/class, and now you want to permanently set a person's build?
- Given how many non-ideal builds there are out there taking up space in queues, you're basically asking people who've inadvertently screwed themselves over to keep themselves screwed.
- We would be forced to maintain far too many bridge officers
- The joy of having a new ship would be diminished because we would have to start "from scratch" every time we changed ships

So no, bad idea.
He said nothing about this being permanent.
And no1 would be forced to do anything.
You would only replenish / hire more crew if needed or wanted to.
You would not have to start from scratch every time you have your crew that you choose to keep or let then run things on older ships .