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Originally Posted by sleakz View Post
drunk whats your opinion on best weapon energy types? is phaser still the best for pvp?
weapons type is purely situational.

got a flow cap heavy build and run tet glider? you will get the most millage out of tetryon or polaron, whos proc is buffed by flow cap.

got a build that specializes in energy drain? then polaron is definitely the type to use.

do lots of shield penetrating damage? well disrupters will help you deal more of that.

sorta none of the above? well cant go wrong with phasers.

want to use AP? well you can, as long as you have at least 2 ways to control movement and keep your target's defense score low.

plasma, unless you go crazy buffing its proc, and have a ship built around plasma DOT, is not viable im afraid. the stf set shields guard against its damage, and EVERYONE is using an stf shield

the hybrids can be interesting, but you only get 2 mods out of them. apply the reasoning above with the hybrid weapons too.

as far as the weapon mods go, everyone will say acc is the best, and it is in certain situations. you can run acc weapons and fire and forget, not worrying to terribly about your targets evasion score.

if you really want to deal damage though, you will control movement, and use critH heavy weapons. this will make a huge difference in your damage dealing

crit D is not that great though, you might get an 8k crit from a DHC now and then, but your just as likly to get 2 6500 crits in a row with critH. NEVER use this mod on anything other then DHCs and quantum torps.

dam is 99% the worst mod. the increase in base damage is very small and wont make near the difference of a very common crit with critH heavy weapons. only on plasma weapons are they good, they buff the plasma dot, the only thing going for plasma weapons right now