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11-27-2012, 04:11 AM
Thanks so much for that detailed reply, very informative/insightful. At the moment running a cookie cutter 4dhc/3turret fleet defiant using phasers, so based on your information thats confirmed that phaser is the best option for me.

However Im thinking of eventually running a tet glider build once i get the appropriate rep, I just have a few extra questions.

1. Is the fleet defiant viable for running a tet glider build? From what I've read tet glide builds pay the trade off of being squishy, is that true?

2. I have some purple mk XI tetryon dhc and turrets with [acc]x2 [critH] mods, these would be find to use with a tet glider build yeah?

3. My current build includes all phaser dhc/turrets with the mod [acc]x3, would a tet glider build with the above mentioned weapons be more viable/damaging/effective then this?

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