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11-27-2012, 05:18 AM
1. Fleet Defiant is fairly tanky as far as 'scorts go, but in my experience tet glider is best done as a team build when you have someone who can watch your back.

2. Those are very good weapons, they're perfectly fine with or without glider.

3. This is hard to answer because your overall damage doesn't really have much to do with your energy type or even your build, up to a point. As an educated guess, I'd say that glider will deal more consistent damage over enough games, while phasers are much more of a gamble due to the nature of the proc.

One trick I've found is you can stack a weaps batt in one of your device slots and use the battery DOff to get a fairly strong flat damage buff every time you use one. Since glider scales off your weapons power it's win win.

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