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11-27-2012, 04:25 AM
I am flying now a mirror raptor.I would like to fly something similar to the destroyer offered for LTS
(I was thinking very seriously to buy the LTS only for the destroyer but ... )

Some variants wich would make me happy are :
1.raptor with better turn rate than mirror+battlecloak same consoles no special effects
2.raptor with better turn rate than mirror+10 consoles (5 tactical/xsci/yeng) +usual cloak
3.a new kdf escort (not raptor) with 10 consoles(5 tactical) ,cloak and better turn rate
The 5 tactical consoles variants would make the kdf ship a closer match to fleet tactical escort retrofit wich has 5 tac consoles+cloak .
In meantime i gathered fleet modules+zen and wait to see what will new year bring to kdf