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First Officers Log, Stardate 8565.2.

It's been almost two weeks since the attack on the Borg, and the Captain is still in a critical condition. Both ships are still being repaired, and since I am also Chief Engineer I have been busy with repairs, rather than recording logs. But I guess it's time to let Starfleet know what happened.

We arrived at DS9 a few hours early. The Captain is always like that. Anyway, we signaled Captain Kurland that we were ready to transport the M.A.C.O.'s aboard. But for some reason, they never arrived. Captain Taasat was furious, so I decided to get out of the line of fire for this one, and help the rest of my Engineering staff with the preperations for the "Invasion" as most of the crew are calling it.

By the time I got back on the bridge, we were already on the way. Apparently, the M.A.C.O.'s were stuck on Earth, because their transport left early. So it turns out, we had to do this mission on our own. So the Captain and I started revising the game plan. After 5 hours and 6 pots of coffee we decided to split the team up in 3. Azroi & Bren with the Captain, and Kamman'Agar & Sibir, our Head of Science on my team.

Afterwards, I decided to get some sleep. I got around 30 minutes, when I was called to the Bridge. We got a message from Admiral D'Vak who was in the area, and asked us to rendevouz with him. We altered course, and a few hours later met with D'Vak. He had heard about the problem with the M.A.C.O.'s and decided to give us a handful of his best men. Turns out they were Klingon Honor Guard. I'm not sure how enthusiastic they were to serve under a Vulcan & Starfleet Captain, but they were probably the nicest Klingons I've ever met. And even polite aswell. Well... Considering the fact that they were Klingon.

So it was back to Plan A, with a slight change. Instead of the senior staff, we decided on putting our "Assault Squad" into good use. It was a newly formed team, of only the best and brightest aboard our ship. Non-Senior Staff I might add. They had been in training for over 8 months, and hadn't been on a single mission yet. So Kamman'Agar, who is the actual leader of the "Assault Squad" will acompany me, and 3 others on "Away Team Beta".

I was in my quarters, when the Captain gave the announcement to get ready. I wasn't too excited about seeing my old "Family", but hey... Someone's got to do it. I went down to the armory, grabbing my gear, and headed to the transporter room. Once down there, I realised that I had to go to the shuttle bay and started laughing in frustration. Finally I arrived at the shuttle bay, a couple of minutes later than everyone else. The Captain came with a funny remark as always, and we started making our way into the shuttles.

The Borg came with their standard "We are the Borg" greeting before they opened fire. But already there, things started to go wrong. The Avon's launch doors were damanged. So we had to blast our way through, damaging the ship and attracting unwanted attention. Shuttle Alpha was almost completely destroyed, and our engines were shot to pieces. It's a miracle we managed to get enough speed to get inside.

Once inside, both ships got away safely. We managed to find a secure location, from where we could blow up the shuttles. It was Fifty-Fifty. They didn't get to assimilate any of our technology, but it didn't keep them occupied for very long either, as it didn't blow near any critical systems. Which just resulted in us having to fight our way through instead.

We started making our way too the Central Plexus. But we kept tripping security forcefields, and automated turrets. I guess my time in the collective was rather... Useful in a situation as this. Although I am not too... Happy about being here, my expertise is invaluable, which is the main reason I volunteered for this mission.

Anyway, after a few hours of having established a routine of tripping Borg security, and disarming it, the ineviteble happened. Suddenly, we were surrounded by the Borg. Instant fire fight broke out. I managed to open a door, through which we could escape but... Two of the Three security officers ended up assimilated... As did the Captain. So now this had turned into a rescue mission.

We decided to split up. Azroi, Bren, Kamman and the Security Escort went to upload the virus, whilst myself and the Honor Guards went looking for the captain. We came to a big hall-ish room. Honestly, I didn't know where we were as I've never seen something like this in my time, in the collective.

Tricorders weren't working, and we heard some strange sounds. Even the Klingons looked... Nervous. I was hit by something, and blacked out. The next thing I remember is being in an assimilation chamber, along with the Klingons, our Security officers and the Captain.

I immidiately started working on a plan to get us out of here, only to realise that we were trapped in a forcefield. For some reason, they hadn't started assimilating anyone yet. And by my calculations, we only had 1 hour left to get out of here, and be at the beam out coordinates.

I have to admit, I was starting to get a bit... Anxious. Usually I'm pretty good at controlling my emotions, but not this time. Suddenly, the forcefield shut down, and two drones came walking in. The Klingons immediately jumped the drones, and managed to overpower them. We were free. But we still had no idea where we were, since they took our weapons and any other equipments such as comm badges and tricorders.

Luckily, there was a console nearby where I could plan an escape route... For some reason this seemed all too perfect. The two drones, that were rather easily overpowered, the console with the plan over the entire unimatrix... Then again, the Borg are rather arrogant. They probably never figured we'd be able to get this far. And what makes things worse, is that one of us had to carry the captain, as he was unconcious, and his bloodstream filled with Borg nanoprobes.

We started making our way towards the beam out point, when we heard a big exploding sound. By the sound of it, they've managed to blast the forcefield around the central plexus by now, which gives us around 30 minutes.

We managed to make it to the rendevouz point, just seconds before the other team. We managed to beam out, and we watched as the Unimatrix started blowing up. But for some reason, we were still under heavy fire.

To our surprise, we watched as the Queens ship escaped. We had no chance of following here, as both ships were badly damaged. The Night Hawk was almost destroyed, and the Avon's Shield, Weapons and sensors were completely fried.

So, once again, we failed to eliminate the Borg threat once and for all.

Computer, encrypt log and send to Starfleet Command.