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11-27-2012, 06:02 AM
Played the german mission "Diplomatische Dienste" since many days as Daily Mission for my Fleet Mark and Dilithium and everything was fine.

right now they have taken away this mission too...
Not playable anymore as Daily.


this is NOT honest how player become handled here!
this is NOT the way to make people spending money for this game!
this is NOT that what we became told!

Missions with a Playtime of 15 Minutes?

I feel only avarice for more money and the fear of people could save a few bucks with farming...."oh, my goodness! Noooo! We must put more stones at the way of the player! Make it harder!"
Thats the only reason for the changes: Avarice
There is a big different between Business and Avarice!

The answer of the player should be:

Don't buy Zen or spend your money for the Game!
Use your power to make them the changes we want/need!

The member of the big fleets, they said at first "paah, we have no dilithium problem.."
Very silent this voices, or?
The are noticing it is becoming very slow right now after this all.
If 20 people dont spend dilithium or 100 people don't spend dilithium is the same effect.

Damn...this is not the way it should go!!!

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