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# 13 +1 for fleet dreadnought
11-27-2012, 06:08 AM
+1 gogolplex for the fleet dreadnought!!!
Geko! I known where you live!! If you dont give me my fleet dread i will take your grandma in hostage... I swear
Or i put a bomb on cryptic headquater signed: that for my fleet dreadnought!!!
I dont care about ANY other ship, that the ship i love, that the ship i want even if it is gimp, i stick with it.
So dont wider the gap between him and other news ship that come,by force us, few emerit dread user to stick with non fleet ship!!
I dont care how you do it, i dont known, desactivate the lance on fleet version, and make it activable by buying the cstore dread, same for the cloak, dont equiped it with one, but owner of cstore dread or defiant can transfert there cloack on i, whatever!!

on the other hand, if you ever do a fleet version, dont make it uber.
I hardly bielieve that you will since you seem to hate this ship but we never know...
Last things i want is to see everyone flying MY ship!!