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Originally Posted by piwright42 View Post
Well shame on me 1001 times.

Actually I believe him. Well sorta.
Shamefully part of me does to... Its a fault my Dominimatrix pokes fun at me often about.....I just want STO to be the complete Star Trek experience.....

I remember hearing that when PWE people started to tour Cryptic and got to see the engine and play the game they were appalled by the state of both PvP and the KDF.....
I remember hearing that as well. The most recent rumor I heard was that after the success of STO at the Vegascon DS was hyper to see more "noise" about the KDF to let the bigwigs at PWE know that we are a vibrant and desired faction. Its why I started my campaign of "lifting them up" right after the convention and this rumor came my way.

Its still something I support. I think a complete KDF faction will only enhance the game. I hold the same opinion for the RSE as well.

I still believe that they can make STO the paragon of star trek games and include all fans eventually but I am continually shocked and dismayed by the constant setbacks, excuses and downright blaiming of the fanbase at times for the poor reprensentation the KDF or any non-fed faction has in STO.
I, like many, expected such excuses and setbacks to disapeer when they finally got out from under Atari and where picked up by PWE. We looked expectantly for a revival that never quite came the full distance......

So now Stahl comes in Red Alert chat and says they are toying with the idea of FKvFK PvP matches and I can't help but wonder if this signals the true direction for STO committing to a single faction game with a little more PvP support, (ala Neverwinter Nights), than we have right now.

[REDALERT] <Dev> Oaks@dstahl: Going back to PvP and Faction balance - one of the design ideas on the table to balance the factions is to allow players of either faction to align themselves with the other for the purpose of PvP
I still hate this idea just for the fact it ignores the backstory then moves the player into a setting that is diametricly opposite the backstory without explanation of why we went from war to peace between to factions.
Its not like teh stories ingame allows the player to discover the Undine/Iconian threat and be that " Dark Hero" that pitted against his own government fights to do the right and save us all.

As I have said before, its easy for me to hang around and wait to see if the KDF ever comes to thier own.
I just feel bad for those whom enter and quickly learn that the game is more commerce than story or become an imbittered, untrusting member of the community like myself.
He who laughs last thinks slowest.

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