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Indeed it was and almost certainly points the finger at what's coming next year.

My predictions:

End to the Klingon Federation war brought about by ensuing greater threats. A rebuilt Romulus and a new faction to group together with the other two and ward off the Borg and Iconians. Perhaps even the Borg will align with these three factions to oppose the Iconians? The future looks very interesting indeed.
I think he just chose the safe answer. If he'd said "Federation", the KDFers would have gone "We knew it!" If he'd said "Klingon", the KDFers would have called him a liar.

I hope you're right (well, maybe except for the Borg alliance part ) but I'm not super optimistic at this point.
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Cynicism doesn't make you awesome. It just makes you cynical. And hating everything while still hanging out on the forums to complain makes you look a little sociopathic.