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Originally Posted by quiscustodiet View Post
Tbh, all 3 careers have a some very weak abilities: Tactical Initiative (Space) is pretty worthless
Not for a Tactical Toon. That TI gives me a much lower CD on all my Tac (non-captain) abilities when I use it. Couple it with ATB or PO and you can get CDs so low its almost sinful.

Photonic Fleet makes little difference
I agree with this but how useful can a photonic fleet be? Its not like they are real.

Nadion Inversion is one of those: when it's up, it's very nice... but it's only up for 40s every 3 minutes.
It does seem a bit longish though FOMM and SNB have a 120 second CD, TI has a 180 second CD, so maybe its a balancing mechanic to keep Players from having continual uptime on Captain abilities?
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