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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post

Sorry, that's not the trump card you'd like to pretend it is. Politics change, treaties come and go, one official's absolute rulings can always be reversed.
Until the Devs say a new UFP president takes office, its set in stone as its still 2409 and Aniek is still the CnC of teh Executive branch.

Also its not as easy to rescind an Executive order as you may think, especially in a governing system that covers 1000's of worlds.

So your vision of teh world while true in our real life with its much crooked and corruptive nature, is not the trump card you may think it is that the UFP can just suddenly start delving into claoking again.

Though your view does open an ugly door. Would you be willing to see the unique characteristics of the UFP suddenly become KDF common technology?

I would love an Ablative Armor console for my Br'el-Rbut realize such would be unbalanced.

Which is funny* becuase I guess I should hate feds more blindly and not care on game balance as you have stated you do not like klingons and your desires for a Defiant BC will ruin game balance.
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