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Originally Posted by fulleatherjacket View Post
Then like Cryptic, you also do not get the point.

It'd be an alternative to leveling if we had access to it below level 50. At level 50, there is no more leveling. If there is no leveling and only the rep system once you hit 50, then it makes more sense to say that the rep system is an alternaitve to nothing.
Actually, I see his point. Think of it like a meriting system, similar to FFXI (for those who played it, reference not intended as a discussion of the same).

Once you reached cap there, the merit system was a way to acquire new abilities. I could see the parallel.

That being said, then yes, "lateral growth or advancement system" would be more accurate, as you are acheiving more within the same level. FFXI did this for years before they broke down and finally increased the level cap some three years ago.
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