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11-27-2012, 07:41 AM
In re discussion of lower tier ships, etc, etc, etc...

Two things:

A) Much like the "discount" being offered on some of the new Fleet ships over on Tribble, they could have revamped the other ships to work in a similar fashion. As they introduce refits, retrofits, fleet variants, etc, etc, etc - the earlier tier version's price could be incorporated as a "discount/voucher" applied to the higher tier.

B) In a similar fashion to what you see with the Nebula or even say the Ody/Bort/etc/etc/etc - they could have worked toward a system of "ship sets" - where you buy the refit, retrofit, and fleet version - you have three items (whether it's wep/wep/console, con/con/wep, def/con/wep, whatever) - you can get a 2- 3- set bonus from buying the ships.

Those are just two things that they could have done, imo, that would have generated increased revenue... rather than driving players from the game.
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