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Originally Posted by kirscht View Post
As I read through the forums I see this undercurrent of a debate between plasma and quantum weapons. What's the skinny on what is best? Or is something even better. I recently switched my beams and turrets to plasma (still have quantum torps for the moment) and added two plasma boosting tac consoles. This increased my dps by about 20K. But I'm wondering if I should swithc the torps, too. (I know, I know... rainbow boats, blah blah blah), But if Plasma is as great as I thought it was I don't want to switch them.

I've noticed alot of "if you're running this.." or "if you're running that"s in the replies, and it occurs to me I wasn't very specific in what I'm running when I posted originally. Let me give you my old set up versus my new and see what you all think, and if it helps clarify: (tac officer flying a recon sci ship)

OLD SET-UP: Fore weapons: Phaser beam array Mk IX
Phaser cannon Mk X
Photon Torp Mk X

Aft weapons: Phaser beam array Mk IX
Phaser turret Mk X
Photon Torp Mk X

with tac consoles: Phaser relay (+18.8% phaser dmg)
Photon detonation assembly (+13.1% projectile dmg)


NEW SET-UP: Fore weapons: Plasma beam array Mk X
Plasma cannon Mk IX (rare)
Quantum Torp Mk IX (rare)

Aft Weapons: Phaser beam array Mk X
Plasma turret Mk IX (rare)
Quantum torp Mk IX (uncommon)

With tac consoles: zero point quantum chamber Mk X (+20.6% quantum proj dmg)
Plasma infuser (+13.1% plasma energy dmg)
Prefire chamber (+12.5% cannon weapon dmg)


With both set-eps all I have for a weapons duty officer is 1 projectile officer to reduce torp recharge time.