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11-27-2012, 07:47 AM
As much as it would be easy to say Wesley Crusher, I just can't bring myself to hate Beverly and Jean-Luc's lovechild...

So instead, I think I'd have to go with McCoy. His anti-Vulcan racism always bugged me

Next on my list would be Gowron. Never liked his crazy bug-eyed stares, and enjoyed the bit where Worf killed him...

Totally agree with the OP about T'Pol... Totally flat ( ) character straight out of Brannon Braga's w@nk bank... Totally expoitative use of a woman (can't bring myself to call Jolene an actress, but she deserved better treatment than she got...)

Got to disagree about Worf though... He was a very multifaceted character: A Klingon raised by Humans, so tried to over-compensate and be the UberKlingon. He was always my favorite TNG character, but I don't think he really came into his own till DS-9... Totally agree about that character type being over-used now *cough*Teal'C*cough* To go theoretical for a moment, I would love to see Worf get into a fist-fight with Tyr Anasazi... That would be interesting... I'd also like to see Worf interact with Richard Sharpe, I think they'd actually make a pretty solid bromance of mutual respect for each other as warriors.

[Edit to add]
I hated the way Seven of Nine was de-assimilated. I understand that Jeri Ryan was hired to boost ratings, and as Bridge Bunnies go, the first scene in which she's seen in the silver bodysuit... Wow... Pon Farr night in the Vulcan Nightclub... But as a character, they really should've kept her as Full Borg...

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