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Originally Posted by pingahead View Post
Nerendra System....Yes
Ambassador Clas....Yes

While on routine patrol in the Nerendra System; you encounter a spatial anomoly. While investigating; you are pulled into it. You find yourself right in the middle of the Battle of Nerendra III. Not realizing that you have traveled thru time; you return fire to defend your ship and her crew.

This time:
Romulans lose the Battle of Nerendra III.
The Klingons erect a statue of you in the Great Hall.
Klingon children for generations sing songs of your great victory.
The Klingon/Federation War never happens.
Tasha is never captured.
Sela is never born.
Romulus is never destroyed.
All the Romulan Front missions disappear from your menu.
Those changes are a bit TOO sweeping. I doubt they could do anything that alters a filmed episode of TNG.

But altering the game lore...? Maybe.

Like if we went back and killed B'vat, who happened to be there... Then J'mpok would never rise to power and it COULD be used to bring Martok back and retcon out the war.