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Originally Posted by shar487a View Post
Sorry if this has already been mentioned, but Cryptic could try rebalancing Transphasics by giving them a random shield penetration percentage (10%-100%), greater base torpedo damage, and longer reload times (15+ seconds) to bring their DPS in-line with other current torpedoes. Actual numbers would need tweaking, but at least they cease being STO's long-running joke and actually become viable, especially in PVP.
This is an idea i like very much and is similar to what I would propose:
- longer reload, but not as long as tricobalt
- more damage than quantum
- up to 90% bleed through
- maybe even a targetable projectile (like tricobalt but faster and smaller)

However to those that justify other mechanics, because of the Janeway transphasics:
It might have been a totally different timeline where those came from and they might be very different transphasic torps, with a different yield. This other timeline afterall has been either altered or even prevented or simply is just different.