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Originally Posted by hippiejon View Post
Um , what ?
I never had to "RE"download anything except for the new patches as they are released.
And one decent sized , patch when first running tribble.
But I didn't have to download the whole game.
Far from it.
You are spreading untruths.
Check your facts.
From the (STO) Test Server FAQ:
The first time I patch Tribble/Redshirt, the launcher tells me I have to download another 10 gigabytes of data! Can't I just copy over my LIVE directory to the Tribble/Redshirt directory?

It's true that you will be adding 10 GBs to your hard-drive to test on the Test Servers. When you patch to Tribble/Redshirt, let the launcher do its thing, it's the fastest and least problematic approach.
You saying Cryptic is lying to me ? That's 52 hours to download @ my DSL speed.
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