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Okay I finally had time to test things out. After changing to the latest driver for my integrated Intel i3 video, I set the max performance setting and started playing. At first it seemed to have worked but I suddenly got a random crash again.

The test was done with the video limit set at 768. I changed it to 1024+ and it still crashed. I set it to 512 and it crashed as well. I changed back to my old driver and it does not crash no mater the video limit setting. I am not convinced it's the entirely the video driver because I know I was able to play fine with the updated one in season 6. It has to be something with Season 7's coding and the new driver. I guess it's possible that some Intel cards will work fine after awesominator6000's fix but mine for sure does not.

I guess I am going to just have to use my old driver to play the game. No big deal though as there do not seem to be any ill-effects on my system by doing so. Only problem is Windows seems to want to keep installing the updated one automatically for me randomly. I am going to have to change Windows update behavior and just do things manually for my updates as a work around to that though.

I will report back if for some reason my old driver suddenly crashes. If it does (and it has not yet) then I would be convinced it would have nothing to do with the driver at all and be something on the coding for S7.
Near as I can tell, Cryptic hasn't even commented on the issue, which now appears to be affecting more than just the Intel crowd. They have, however, been promoting lots of free and discount deals which no one can actually take advantage of because of the BSOD / crash dump epic fail. I haven't even been able to experience any of Season 7 even though it's been out for almost a month now because of this.

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