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Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
Top DPS went to Peregrines

Advanced (or Elite if your Fleet can get them) Peregrines are the way to go Fedside.

It should be noted though that the Klingon (Advanced) To'Duj and S'kul Fighters can both inflict considerably higher DPS than Peregrines. S'kuls due to their tendancy to ram the enemy, and To'Duj due to stacked Disruptor Procs. (Two full wings of To'Dujs plus a set of Disruptor weaponry on your Carrier can really ruin your target's day...)

When I tested Tholian Widow fighters and Caitian Stalker fighters they weren't as good as the others. I haven't ranked up enough in the Romulan Reputation system yet to test the higher tiers of "Scorpion Fighters", it's possible (though unlikely IMO) that they'll be on par with Peregrines.

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