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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
Not for a Tactical Toon. That TI gives me a much lower CD on all my Tac (non-captain) abilities when I use it. Couple it with ATB or PO and you can get CDs so low its almost sinful.
But you can't plan around it.

- In a Ship with few Tac stations, you get little mileage simply because you don't have many Tac abilities; and some of them have to be relied upon, so you have to be able to rely on max uptime.

Star Cruiser: only 1 Lieutenant Tac station.
You want TT with max uptime, so:
Option 1: TT1, TT2
Option 2: TT1+Conn Officer(s), something else (TS2/THY2/BFAW2/BO2)

If you go with option 1, Tactical Initiative does absolutely nothing for you; if you go with option 2, you get +12.5% uptime from a single ability.
That's not a huge effect, especially compared with the stronger abilities like APA, Subnuke or Sensor Scan.

- In a Ship with a lot of Tac stations (any Escort), the system encourages you to double up on them for max uptime rather than get a variety of abilities, so Tactical Initiative doesn't really give you anything you didn't already have.
Example: any standard C/LC Tac Escort: 2x TT1, 2-3 CRF/CSV, 2-3 Attack Patterns.

TT1: same as above, reaches max cycle without Initiative=> no effect.
Attack Patterns: with 2-3 you reach max cycle without Initiative=> no effect.
CRF/CSV: you reach max cycle, but typically are able to use a higher-tier version more often=> some effect, but not much.
All in all, this case is even worse than the above.

Why not replace a CRF/CSV or Attack Pattern for Torpedo or Beam abilities and have Initiative affect both? Because it's not worth it for something that's only up 45s every 3 minutes. In fact, that'd only weaken the build.

- Somewhere in the middle, Tactical Initiative is more useful. On already very strong Ships with universal slots (the epitome of which is the Vesta), Tactical Initiative does provide more use.
Basically, it only really helps Ships that have/can get 4-5 Tac slots. 6+ and it start being overkill, 3- and it has little effect, due to how the Bridge Officer Ability system is set up.