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11-27-2012, 08:35 AM
First off...,
I did not get in any way, after reading Dans' comments, that there was any "veiled accusation" that it's our fault for the low numbers of testers on Tribble...

He admitted that Their data was not as complete as it could have been, and that They made decisions based on what turned out to be, more skewed data than They anticipated.

What I did get, was that after the uproar in the forums and the actual data from the first few days on Holodeck, They realized that They had miscalculated badly and He decided to make adjustments to try and calm the masses.

I understand that some of what He posted/Blogged after Season 7 hit, bordered on hyperbole, but in this particular instance, I believe that you are trying to create strife were none exists.

I like playing on Tribble occasionally and don't feel a need to be paid for doing it. Though, In my opinion, we are kinda-sorta compensated in the fact that by doing so, we get a free preview of things heading for Holodeck.
Also, on special occasions, we do get a small token reward of some kind.
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