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Originally Posted by p2wsucks View Post
The with diminishing returns max hull resists isn't so high that you couldn't run your torp/mine build with 3 eng consoles and basically have the same hull resists as running 4. Assuming you're running things like a mix of he, aux2sif, ph, apd, aux2damp etc you'll have high hull resists. You also would have the option of Hazzard doffs.

You're also forgetting the main defensive benefit of running EBC, when you're exposed and uncloaked from using some Boff powers or weapons you maintain your cloak defense bonus.

In the end Tac would be better for that build since it boosts your mine/torp damage.

Imo, 4th Sci would most likely make your build better as well; since, even if your build doesn't have a Sci skill which could benefit you could always boost your shield buffer and/or even use add in utility console like a biomonitor to keep your crew levels up, or power insulators, or intertial damps, etc.

Also, with the lack of real decent Sci options for KDF a 4 Sci console B'rel would have helped fill that void nicely. This was the worst possible console addition option for the B'rel. I'd have rather they gave the 16k hull ship an EBC and called it the B'rel upgrade tbh.
Exactly, anyone who thinks that a fourth engineering console would add up to a BoP's survival has probably never flown one. Thanks to its low hullpoint value it gets destroyed in seconds when its shields drop, regardless of hull damage reduction. The Fleet B'rel should get a fourth science slot instead of the engineering one.