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11-27-2012, 09:06 AM
Originally Posted by lordmalak1 View Post
From the (STO) Test Server FAQ:

You saying Cryptic is lying to me ? That's 52 hours to download @ my DSL speed.

Sorry that 10 Gigs takes you 52 hours.
That flat out sucks, for you.

As I said, when I first installed tribble, yeah, there was decent download, but it didn't take 52 hours. It was the kind of set it running, go make dinner, hang with the household all night, and when I checked back, it was done.

And, NO, I am not saying Cryptic is lying to you. Having never experienced anything remotely annoying while getting tribble installed, I was unaware of the trials and tribble-ations of those with (I have no idea how) a worse system than I run.