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11-27-2012, 09:17 AM
Actually, the patcher is pretty smart about downloading just what you need - initially it'll copy all the Holodeck stuff to a Test Server folder and then will only download the changes - prior to Season 7 that was a big download (2.2 gigs I think?) due to all the new art assets for New Romulus - since you've got all that now, the actual download should be considerably smaller.

And regarding the OP's question - I don't need to be paid to spend time on Tribble but I'm not going to waste my time on there if the community's feedback is ignored - which is exactly what happened with Season 7 - the reputation system, Dilithium and the changes to Doffing were all flagged as big issues with the testers but Cryptic completely ignored the feedback and pushed it live anyway.

So really, what was the point?
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